Maria Tourou

People on a donkey
oil on canvas
50 x 60 cm
Private Collection

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Maria Tourou was born at Famagusta in 1943. She studied painting, drawing and lithography in London, Italy and the United States of America. (Hammersmith School of Art and Building, London 1960-1966, Positano Art Workshop, Italy 1962-1963. Graphic Arts in Marylebone Art Institute, London 1966, at Campden Art Institute 1973 and the Corcoran School of Art in Washington 1983. Her work moves about in the frame of abstraction and surrealism with symbolic prolongations. In her paintings which are distinguished by the rich colour graduations she adds a dreamy character and a metaphysical dimension equivalent to psychical situations, tension and emotional agony. Glyn Hughes, painter, art critic, “her fluid figures appear to float on the canvases, her painting is exceptional as well. Her paintings are superbly free of academic and classical gestures. It’s just that her travels have given her buoyancy. Imagination, aesthetic sensibility travels into the realms where the unconscious when brought out into the light, produces remarkable work”. She has exhibited for 27 times and has taken part in many group exhibitions at home and abroad. Her work can be found in Larnaca’s City Hall Gallery, in the State Gallery of Cyprus, at Museo de Arte Moderno, in Colombia and in many other public and private collections.