About FNM

Famagusta New Museum (FNM) is a multi-communal project implemented by the Pierides Foundation and KP10. FNM’s main goal is to contribute towards reconciliation in Cyprus via different mediums of art.

Under the motto “I Understand and Forgive the Past, I Love and Generate the Future”, FNM readdresses the traditional role of museums in contemporary societies, while it aims at revitalizing the ghost city of Varosha, as well as connecting the old city to Varosha. In order to achieve that, the new project will create a digital museum of audiovisual archives, tours, a camp and a festival, which will allow the social, cultural and political reactivation of Varosha. The project aims at an awakening of citizens by enabling public discourse and generating artistic, environmental and social participatory actions and interactions amongst the communities of Cyprus.

The FNM is a 20 -month-long project, funded by the Active Citizens Fund Cyprus.

Lost & Found

Geolocated Audio Tours

The FNM team created different sound-maps with the previous and current residents of Famagusta. These maps serve as self-guided tours and allows you to walk around different parts of Famagusta by listening to the personal stories of its past & current residents.

In order to be able to use these, please download ECHOES app from App Store or Google Play.