Geolocated Audio Tours


The FNM team created different sound-maps with the previous and current residents of Famagusta. These maps serve as self-guided tours and allows you to walk around different parts of Famagusta by listening to the personal stories of its past & current residents.

In order to be able to use these, please download ECHOES app from App Store or Google Play.

1 - now and then...

by Yiannis Toumazis

2 - Down memory lane of my childhood / teenage life at my birthtown

by Avghi Frangopoulou

3 - Walled City Tour

by Serdar Atai of MASDER

4 - Walk in the shoes of Victorian Traveller Florence Passeri

by Salamis Ayşegül Şentuğ

5 - Hijacked Memory

by İnal Bilsel