Digital Archive

The Famagusta New Museum re-addresses the traditional role of museums in contemporary societies and aims at a potential awakening of citizens by enabling public discourse and generating artistic, environmental, and social participatory actions and activist interactions amongst the communities.
FNM’s Digital Archive serves as a museum space that is accessible to everyone around the world. It functions as a collaborative digital memory of the city that encompasses various forms of media from images to video, text and sound, intended to capture the rich history and diverse experiences of the city’s residents in the past and present. The city is explored through five different categories: Architecture, Arts&Crafts, Landscape, Gatherings and Printed Matter.
The FNM Archive is a fluid reconstruction of the city that traces memory through fragments. Like memory, it is incomplete yet can be indefinitely expanded through the creation of new connections. The categories are therefore fluid and aim to encourage a stream of consciousness reading of the fragments rather than a rigid categorization of material.
In an attempt to challenge traditional museum structures, the FNM team created the People’s corner which invites visitors to contribute to the Archive and to share personal histories through family albums, heirlooms, books and other material. By encouraging visitors to contribute their own artefacts, the archive becomes a dynamic and evolving collection that reflects diverse experiences and makes space for the micro-histories that deviate from grand narratives. This helps to create a more inclusive and comprehensive understanding of history.
To submit your own artefacts to the FNM Archive please fill out the form below. By sharing these stories, we can continue to expand our understanding of the past and expand our future.
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