Pyx-Lax Newspaper

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A moderate satirical newspaper that published its first issue in Famagusta in 1903. It was published by Zacharias G. Sotiriou, the editor of the newspaper.

The newspaper started as a fortnightly in Varosha and then in Nicosia (Parnassos printing house). Later it acquired its own printing house (printing house ‘Pix-Lax Z. G. Sotiriou’, in Varosha). It ceased publication for a while and began to be published in Nicosia as a weekly at the ‘Thessaloniki’ printing house of Zenonos Stavrakis. In October 1922 it returned to Famagusta and was published as a quarterly at the “Anatoli” printing house. The newspaper finally suspended its publication in December 1922.

The ‘Pyx-Lax’, which also included prose humorous texts, satirised political, social and cultural events of the time with wit and humour in a decent framework. All the details of the newspaper (publisher, offices, date of publication, price, number) were given in rhymed and rhymed verse. Due to financial difficulties, its publication was generally irregular, with long periods of silence.

Its size was 42 x 31 cm and it had four pages.