Exhibition Guide: Past-forward: Stavros Economou Unarchived

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Past-forward: Stavros Economou Unarchived is the first retrospective exhibition of the work of Stavros Economou, one of the most significant representatives of Modern Architecture in Cyprus. Setting the architect’s archive in motion, the exhibition brings to the forefront his multidimensional practice during a period of intense transformation on a spatial, socio-political and economic level, spanning from the last years of British rule until the first decades after the declaration of the Republic of Cyprus. At the same time, the exhibition expands the architectural archive with the use of digital media and storytelling (3D images, short films, virtual reality applications, etc.), creating a stage for dialogue, while posing questions on the modern Cypriot city and its public space, as well as the integration of modern architectural heritage into contemporary life. The revival and multimedia reconstruction of Stavros Economou’s architectural archive proposes a journey into the Cypriot urban landscape and the dynamics that have shaped it from the mid-20th century onwards, acting as a vehicle to reflect on the place’s identity and the social role of the architect. The exhibition took place at the State Gallery of Contemporary Art – SPEL between 12 June and 2 October 2021.